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" In paradise they hear us sing, about the horror stories on Earth during the wars they bring. We tried to stay strong and fearless, but the haunting artillery was no match for our voices. They forced us in hibernation and we became weak and scared. We gave in, we needed food and water. They stripped us of our defences and tore our clothes off. There was no other way of knowing, in this paradise, that they would have their way with us when they were staring right into our eyes. "
" There is nothing more frustrating, and sometimes frightening, than feeling pain and not being able to describe or explain it to someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical pain or emotional pain. When we can’t find the right words to explain our painful experiences to others, we often feel alone and scared. Some of us may even feel anger or rage or act out. Eventually, many of us shut down and either live silently with the pain, or in cases where we can’t, accept someone else’s definition of what we are feeling simply out of the desperate need to find some remedy. "
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